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My passion for coaching runs deep. So deep, that I will move mountains for you. Together we will reach great heights, savour the view, and reflect on the path taken. Growth and development paths are not always straight forward. They ebb and flow. They meander and wind. They lead us to thrilling heights, to peaceful plateaus, and over hills we didn’t see coming.

I am an Integral Master Coach™, certified by Integral Coaching Canada. It is the only accredited Integral Coaching® program in the world that surpasses the Masters Level requirements of the International Coach Federation. The coaching methodology I use works. I don’t say that lightly, nor because it’s the method that I use. I say it because it’s true. I have experienced the power of being coached myself and seen it work over and over again with my clients.

I teach beginners meditation at the Ottawa Shambhala Centre, and I have over 10 years experience working with executives and managers in the federal public service. I hold a degree in Family and Social Relations from the University of Guelph, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Queen’s University and a Sommelier Certificate from Algonquin College. I celebrate diversity and aim to work with clients from all walks of life including the LGBTQ and poly communities.

It would be my privilege to coach you on your journey, just tell me which mountain you want to ascend. I will be there by your side rooting for you, and guiding you to develop new capacities and to see new ways to scale that seemingly impossible obstacle.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” - Edmund Hillary


  • Heather helped me at a time in life when I felt completely “stuck”. Under her guidance and through the use of effective tools and practices I was able to overcome the fear, inertia and confusion that had me so blocked. I now use these tools everyday for a continued sense of well being and to move forward towards the fulfilment & success I desire in life. Heather is a truly caring, dedicated and discerning coach. I would recommend her to anyone.

    - Stephanie

  • During 2013, I was at a crossroads. To progress in my career, I needed to transition from being an economist to a policy analyst. This was a daunting prospect for me. I turned to Heather for career coaching and advice. I felt perfectly comfortable with her. She provided a safe space to discuss my concerns and a gentle push in the right direction. Over time, my skills started to improve and with it, my confidence. I can’t thank Heather enough for believing in me.

    - Vanessa, Policy Analyst

  • I had the pleasure of being coached by Heather for several months in 2013. During that time, I found Heather to be professional in her approach and her high degree of preparation for each session. Perhaps more importantly, Heather and her coaching practices are compassionate and effective. She listens with a keen ear and carves out the heart of the matter quickly, and then helps her clients to navigate solutions.

    - Madeline

  • I was fortunate to have Heather Anderson as my coach during my transition into retirement. I was excited about the seemingly endless opportunities that retirement presented, and needed support in deciding just where I wanted to focus and spend my energy and time. Heather created the perfect coaching program for me, with metaphors and practices that stretched and inspired me. Heather was attentive to my progress, and continually encouraged and challenged me, ensuring I was on track. Heather is a dedicated and insightful coach and working with her was a great experience. Based on my experience, I am confident that her future clients will be well-served.

    - Kathleen, Integral Master Coach

  • I was very fortunate to came across my coach Heather, who helped me to discover the root cause of my challenge. Heather came to each session very well prepared, and after each session, I left with new awareness about myself to contemplate. The coaching exercises that she taught me were simple and fun but highly effective. Doing them diligently, I gradually felt the changes coming from within, which in turn allowed me to grow and to better reach my goals. I have consulted quite a number of other helping professionals before and I can attest that Heather is among the best. I have benefited tremendously from Heather’s coaching sessions and would highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for an intelligent and knowledgeable coach to help them reach their goals.

    - Tom, Policy Advisor

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