February 01, 2018

For many, many years I have set resolutions hoping that my good intentions will be enough to help me resist the temptations that detract me from my goals.

It wasn’t until I became a certified Integral Master Coach™ that I learned that New Year’s resolutions aren’t usually worth the paper they are written on. While they might help you articulate your goal and make a form of commitment to it, they stop short. New Year’s resolutions are often too mighty and bold and too vague; they don’t allow for the necessary baby steps or building blocks enabling you to ascend that mountain of a goal.

Expecting to change from a New Year’s Resolution alone is much like wanting to be able to boost a dead car battery by the want alone. My friend Katrina offered me a ride home the other night and when we got to her car, her battery was dead. Although she really, really wanted to boost her car battery, she didn’t have the tools (i.e. booster cables), the know-how, nor the system (e.g. a CAA card) in place to enable her to do this easily. Just wanting her car battery to be boosted was not enough to make it happen.

Change isn’t easy and setting an intention is rarely enough to rewire the long-formed habits that we’ve gravitated towards to keep us safe and meet our needs. Real, sustainable change takes time, patience, reflection and a permission to fall, get up and get back on track.

It is for these reasons that I’ve developed a New Habit Form Guide. I’m offering a copy of the Intro Guide for free! Sign-up for my newsletter and I’ll email you a free copy of the guide.

Lots of love and support to you on your journey.

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